Lexport – A Litigation Website UI/UX Design

Interpreting and simplifying the legal framework of India.




UI & UX Design, Rebranding

Lexport - Website & UX Design

Lexport is a consulting and litigation firm helping business, corporate private sector and public sector institutions interpret, and navigate through complex legal & regulatory framework of India to enhance ease of business and reduce liability.

Lexport UX design

The Challenges


Understanding the legal matters very carefully and aligning the layout for the huge navigations.

They want a content driven and easy to navigate the website with attractive design


The Conversion

We have done a complete Rebranding, written a new style guide and created an efficient user flow for the Lexport.


old-lexport - Conversion



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We choose ROBOTO font family for the better readability.

Brand Colors

Lexport page design demo - Website Design
Mobile Navigation
Lexport Mobile design - UX Design

Feel the


Lexport Consulting page design demo - UX Design
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